High Speed Combination Oven 4 times faster than conventional ovens

Type : JET514

Product Information

JET Series – High Speed Combination Oven
4 times faster than conventional ovens.

Available in 2 versions:

  • JET514 standard model
  • JET514V with catalytic convertor – filters grease and odors from the air due to integrated recirculating catalytic converter

Power Output
- 2700 W
- 65o -250o C (150o - 475o F) temperature range
- Convected air for enhanced toasting and browning


- 1400 W
- Heats quickly, reduces cooking time

- Wine bars - Country club - Pubs - Bakery/cafés - Kiosks - Convenience stores - Supermarkets

Through put potential
- 6” Inch toasted sub sandwiches, 50 per hour
- 1 portion of 4 frozen crispy chicken wings, 25 portions (84 wings) per hour
- 1 frozen pre-baked fruit filled pastry, 20 per hour
- 12” frozen pizza, 10 per hour
- 1 frozen, pre-baked fruit filled pastry, 20 per hour

Location of oven(s)
- Kitchen shelf - Kitchen countertop, single or stacked - Equipment stand, single or stacked

Cuts Costs
Uses less energy than a conventional oven.
Eliminates need for pre-cooking and holding.
Uses quarter size metal trays, pans and screens.

Simplifies Cooking
Touch pad operation for consistent results - Controls are intuitive and simple to use - Stores up to 100 menu items - Four stage cooking option - USB Port compatible with standard flash drives, updates programming in seconds - 34 Liter (1.2 cubic ft.) oven capacity - Door opens 90o+ for full access to the oven cavity - Single rack position for optimal and consistent cooking results.

Easy to Use and Maintain
Stainless steel door and interior.
Removable, cleanable air filter and clean filter reminder protect oven components.

Product Specification

Capacity:34 Liter (Cavity 330*381*267mm)
W x D x H (mm):502 x 660 x 460
Electric Power (kW):2.90
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