Gas Rice Cooker 3 Deck

Type : LGV -150

Product Information

With over 50 years' experience, Hattori has been a leading company in manufacturing high quality Rice Cookers for professional use. Hattori rice cookers are produced with our integrated technical and practical expertise. Their durability and high performance has been recognized internationally and they have been relied upon by various chefs ranging from those in school cafeterias to those working hospitals and hotels.
As a basic model for all types of rice, users can achieve perfect cooking results by setting the cooking time according to preferences. Furthermore, the LGV-100/150 is easy to maintain thanks to its simplified structure.
Polished Rice - Hattori rice cookers are designed to cook delicious rice thanks to its high usability
Pre-Washed Rice - cook delicious rice with our special program for pre-washed rice.
Mixed Rice - in the Time Control model, mixed rice can be cooked perfectly by adjusting the cooking time.
Timer Control - set your cooking time to fit with the required schedule.
Continuous Cooking - in the Time Control model, you can cook rice continuously.
Additional Cooking Time - The Time Control Mode allows to extend the cooking time by the minute according to preference.
Melody - 3 short music or beeps as notification of completion of cooking can be set.
Highest Safety Design - Featuring a design adhering to the highest standard of safety, this model features a kill switch that cuts off gas supply when ignition fails or a flame is extinguished during the course of cooking. Furthermore, it features a high limit sensor that extinguishes the flame when an abnormality in temperature is detected.
High Durability - This model possesses a stainless steel outer body to prevent corrosion as well as a waterproof control panel and user friendly digital display.

Product Specification

Capacity:21 kg
W x D x H (mm):727 x 732 x 1325
Gas Power (BTU/hour):96,220
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