Speed Oven AtollSpeed

Type : Atollspeed 300H (NANO 2)

Product Information

With combination of impingement and microwave, quickly cook/reheat/bake different kinds of food to reach a crispy and brown baking result. It is specially designed for busy QSRs, coffee shops, pizzerias, restaurants, snack bars and bakeries. 

– Defrosting, heating-up, baking and cooking in one go, service customer 10 times faster
– 10 speed power adjustable for both impingement and microwave power
– 7’ large glass capacitive touchscreen control
– Catalytic filter to allow operation almost everywhere, avoid smell & taste transfer
– Top launched microwave, suitable to use any open-top metal container
– Edgeless design, rounded corner, no turning part, easy to clean
– 1.5mm, SS304 housing, built to last life time

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):450 x 685 x 583
Electric Power (kW):3,30
Baking Chamber:317 x 311 x 170 mm
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