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The No.1 Ice Maker

Distributor HATCO Resmi di Indonesia

GASTRO adalah Distributor Resmi yang menjual Brand Kitchen Equipment HATCO di Indonesia. Brand HATCO, memiliki berbagai tipe barang seperti: Bakery Equipment, Warming Holding.

Didukung oleh Spare Part HATCO Ready Stock & Teknisi berpengalaman lebih dari 30 tahun, Anda dapat mempercayakan kebutuhan Kitchen Equipment HATCO Anda ke GASTRO.

  • HATCO Bread Toaster TM-5H Bread Toaster
    Type : TM-5H
  • HATCO Bread Toaster TM-10H Bread Toaster
    Type : TM-10H
  • HATCO Pop Up Bread Toaster TPT-230R-4 Pop Up Bread Toaster
    Type : TPT-230R-4
  • HATCO Infrared Strip Heater 36 inch GRA-36 Infrared Strip Heater 36 inch
    Type : GRA-36
  • HATCO Heated Well RCTHW-1 Heated Well
    Type : RCTHW-1
  • HATCO Drawer Warmer 2 Deck HDW-2 Drawer Warmer 2 Deck
    Type : HDW-2
  • HATCO Drawer Warmer 3 Deck HDW-3 Drawer Warmer 3 Deck
    Type : HDW-3