Blast Chiller Freezer Roll-in Type 3 GN 1/1

Type : ECBP-601-S-RTF

Product Information

Friulinox satisfies all working needs, offering from one to four trolleys for GN1/1 and GN2/1 Ttrays in one range of clast chillers and freezers. The thickness of the steel, the construction pf the flooring, the door hinges and closures have all been designed to support the work loads of large canteensor an airport catering service. The quick-release heated probe with 4 measuring points guarantee the timely and precise management of the temperature, humidity, and ventilation speed. Finally, the thawing function allows advance planning of various activities saving time and significantly reducing food wastage.

The brand new 7 inch high-definition full touch display allows you to select the process with a single touch, using photos to quickly find the product you are preparing. If you prefer to rely on the knowledge of our international chefs, you can try one of more than 150 preloaded recipes, which can be modified and saved into your recipe book if needed.

Functions: soft or hard blast chilling, anisakis killer, continuous cycle, storage, negative storage, crystallisation, thawing, soft or hard freezing, and tapework killer.

Immediate compensation of some of the heat generated by food, vastly reducing the total time for static blast-freezing to lower surface temperature, therefore avoiding the risk of dehydrating and oxidising fats.

Product Specification

Bowl Dimension (mm):Internal/Chamber Dimension (mm): 700*2820*2020
Cavity Dimension (mm):External Dimension (mm): 1300*3200*2400
Electric Power (kW):3 Ph/28.20 kW
Trolley Capacity:3 GN 1/1
Yield Capacity:Yield Capacity Chill/Freeze (kg): 455/300
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