Espresso Coffee Machine 2 Group

Type : Tempesta SAEP/2

Product Information

Standard Features:
- Superb thermal management: set boiler water and group temperatures per group
- 6 programmable, volumetric dosing buttons
- Mechanical quick-start button: set to a programmed dose, continuous flow, or a purge
- Programmable timed pre-infusion
- Responsive 5" touch display on each group
- Live pressure and flow graph during shot pulling
- Hot water dispenser with cool-water mixing valve
- Auto backflush cycle
- Barista downlights
- Articulating cool touch steam wands with lever actuators
- Adjustable leg and drip tray height
- Eco-modes for power savings that suit your shop's needs and schedule

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):1035 x 618 x 500
Weight (kg):85
Electric Power (kW):5.23
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