Round Bakery Case - 2 Shelves

Type : TBR1200-2

Product Information

- The 1m2 Turbo Air TBR1200-2 cake display cabinet has a 3-tier structure with a capacity of 485 liters, meeting the needs of storing and displaying a moderate number of cakes.
- The cabinet frame is made of high quality stainless steel material, creating solid durability as well as convenient cleaning and hygiene.
- The entire upper part of the cabinet is made from tempered glass, with advanced glass drying combined with a led light system to help users as well as diners easily observe and choose the cake displayed in the cabinet.
- The cabinet door is designed in a convenient sliding shape, with a rubber edge to help retain heat effectively.
- The fan cooling system helps to distribute the cold air evenly to every position in the refrigerator, keeping the temperature in the refrigerator stable in the range of 3 ~ 8 ° C, the ideal temperature for effectively preserving cakes.
- The cabinet uses refrigerant R404a, which is both environmentally friendly and safe for users.
- Digital control panel is convenient for users to set and adjust the temperature suitable for each type of food.

Product Specification

Capacity:485 L
W x D x H (mm):Exterior Dimension (mm): 1200 x 700 x 1370
Weight (kg):230
Temp (°C):Cabinet temperature: 3~8°C
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