Round Bakery Case - 2 Shelves

Type : TBR1800-2

Product Information

- The 1m8 Turbo Air TBR1800-2 cake display cabinet has a modern and luxurious design with a European-style curved glass surface, creating a harmonious resonance and high aesthetics for the restaurant space.
- Large cabinet size with a length of 1m8, suitable for installation and use in large and spacious bakery and restaurant spaces.
- The frame and base of the cabinet are made entirely of stainless steel with high durability, good bearing capacity, will not rust or corrode over time, providing long-term use value.
- Above are 4 transparent double-layer tempered glass, with integrated 3-sided glass drying system, helping the glass surface not to fog, always clean, creating high efficiency for observing and choosing the food you need. purchase from customers.
- The inside of the cabinet has a structure of 2 storage shelves made from tempered glass and stainless steel, which helps to divide the cabinet into 3 parts. As a result, users can classify, arrange and display a variety of cakes or different foods in a neat and scientific manner.
- The smart LED system installed along the shelves helps to improve the display efficiency, making the food stored in the cabinet more attractive and attractive to the viewer.
- The cabinet door is designed in a sliding form, both to limit heat loss and convenient for users to arrange or take out food from the inside.
- Turbo Air TBR1800-2 applies modern cooling technology with European standard compressor, for durable, quiet operation, no noise affecting the surroundings.
- The fan cooling system distributes a stable temperature from 3 ~ 8 ° C, to all the space in the cabinet, helping to keep the cakes, drinks or food in the refrigerator always preserved in the best condition. without freezing, fermenting or smelling, preserving the original flavor.
- Modern digital control panel, convenient for users to set as well as adjust the appropriate temperature.

Product Specification

Capacity:740 L
W x D x H (mm):Exterior Dimension (mm): 1800 x 700 x 1370
Weight (kg):290
Temp (°C):Cabinet temperature: 3~8°C
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