Hood Type Dishwasher

Type : H600

Product Information

Featuring easy for operation, reliable in designs and value for money, Ecomax machines are built to thrive in Asia conditions. Asia’s eating patterns, high-density of meals to offer, and challenging ware washing conditions demand washing solutions that take these factors into account. Which is why out machines are designed to be reliable and effective enough to handle Asia’s toughest washing requirements.
Easy and Ergonomic, Brings Higher Efficiency:
- The lightest easy-lift hood design reduces the physical stairs on operators.
- The door sensing switch simply starts and pauses the operation by hood close and open.
- The ease of operation minimizes the requirements of training – no button to be operated except the power on/off.
- There’s no pipes and additional parts in the wash chamber, and no corners, edges or weld seams in the drawn mash tank, where dirt could accumulate. This optimizes cleaning and hygiene.
- LED wash and rinse temperature display makes It easy to monitor.

Product Specification

Rack Size:500 x 500 mm
Capacity:60 Racks / hour
W x D x H (mm):636 x 748 x 1445
Tank Capacity:26 L
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