Gelato Batch Freezer

Type : Labo 6 9 XPL P

Product Information

-        Quality: different freezing programs – Gelato, Sorbet, Slush, Crystal – to unleash your creativity

-        Performance: thanks to the intelligent Hard-O-Tronic system, the machine detect when the gelato has reached optimum consistency and maintain it until extraction

-        Convenience: single-phase power supply and air cooled, they fit in easily with the other kitchen equipment. When the hopper lid is open all the command buttons are still fully accessible, allowing you to start the production cycles even while adding the mix.

-        Safety: the beater stops immediately if the protective lid is opened during freezing.

-        Hygiene: easy to clean. The product extraction chute can be removed for deep cleaning. The delayed cleaning cycle guarantees hygiene by controlling the temperature of the cylinder once the gelato has been extracted.

-        AIR COOL

Product Specification

Output (kg/hour):6-9
W x D x H (mm):360 x 550 x 740 mm
Weight (kg):85
Electric Power (kW):1.35
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