Countertop Gelato Machine

Type : Freeze&Go

Product Information

-        Create one batch of gelato in just a few minutes to be ready to be served to your customer!

-        3 simple steps to make your own gelato with Freeze&Go: pour the chilled mix in the cylinder; connect the cylinder to the machine and start freezing; the machine will tell you when the gelato is ready and simply and safely remove the cylinder! Voila!

-        Convenience: Optional additional cylinders to facilitate production is available upon request; machine tells you when the gelato is ready, keeping it at the proper consistency until the cylinder is removed; the compact size makes it easy to use anywhere, just plug it in and it’s ready to go

-        Safety: The beater stops immediately if the protective lid is removed during freezing, the rounder corners make it even more safe

-        Hygienic: The cylinder and beater can be easily removed for washing; the cylinder’s protective lid closes every time the cylinder is removed from the machine to facilitate washing

-        AIR COOL

Product Specification

Output (kg/hour):5
W x D x H (mm):290 x 550-630 x 540 mm
Weight (kg):36
Electric Power (kW):0.5
Tank Capacity:150 - 500 gram
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