Electric Fryer 2 x 10 L

Type : RFE 20 C

Product Information

2 x 15 kg French fries / hour

RFE 20 C - To fry alternatively different products and to have a better control of oil consumption, the fryer RFE 20 C is fitted out with 2 baskets of 10 L each and with a commutator for an independent control of the frying areas. Easy cleaning: removable filtering cover of bulbs. Features: thermostat-commutator 190°C, a double safety and stainless steel thermostat which cuts out in case of overheating or lack of oil, high power heating elements hold by 2 stainless steel flanges, draining device with high capacity, insulated tank with mini/maxi oil level, baskets fitted out with heat resistant handle, pilot lights. Reset safety thermostat in the cupboard. Mounted on adjustable stainless steel feet till 150 mm (can be fixed on the bottom according to CE - UL/NSF).

Product Specification

Capacity:2 x 15 kg French fries / hour
W x D x H (mm):400 x 600 x 980 mm
Electric Power (kW):12kW
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