Cold Banquet Cart – 1 Full Door

Type : GNB 500 NMV

Product Information

Öztiryakiler, or widely known as Ozti, was established in 1958 as one of the first manufacturing companies of Turkey in the kitchen equipment sector. Ozti manufactures various professional catering equipment with European standards. Simple, economical, and up to the task; we have personally selected major equipment from Ozti that could be widely used for our customers.

Number of tray sliders / number of levels: 22 pairs
Size of tray per slider / level: GN2/1
Distance between tray sliders / pitch: 57 mm

Product Specification

Capacity:11 x GN2/1-100
W x D x H (mm):826 x 910 x 1816
Electric Power (kW):0.30
Temp (°C):+2 / +5
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