Electronic Aging Vat

Type : Age 60+60 XPL

Product Information

- The Carpigiani Machine for storing and aging gelato mixes at 4°C. 
- Beater with moving blades makes it possible to blend the mixture in a uniform manner for perfect aging of the product.
- Spigot: for maximum hygiene, after each extraction the inner piston sends all the mixture back into the tank by removing any residue along the duct. It is completely detachable, washable, and can be fully inspected.
- The Age 60+60 XPL model consists of two independent tanks with separate cooling system to handle two distinct mixes.

Product Specification

Capacity:Hourly Capacity: 2 x (20 - 60 L)
W x D x H (mm):700 x 830 x 1030
Electric Power (kW):1.70
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