Electronic Pasteurizer for Confectionary and Gastronomy

Type : Pastochef 18 RTL

Product Information

Pastochef RTL machines are a fundamental aid when it comes to using automation to prepare recipes that usually require a great deal of time and manual work. These pasteurizing machines contain the very latest Carpigiani technology for certain results and maximum practical use.
Heating & cooling via dry bain-marie system guarantees consistent heat exchange, performance and energy consumption. Also avoids potential burns or encrustations on the cylinder surfaces.
To ensure the success of each program, the display guides the operator, showing the production phases, temperatures, and suggestions for adding ingredients.
The machine includes a recipe book with detailed recipes and information on ingredients that can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code on the front of the machine.
The scraper paddles of the beater and the special form of the removable flap create a spiral movement in the mix, vertically and horizontally, to guarantee complete mixing and cooking of the product.

18 pastry programs, 9 programs for working chocolate, 8 special programs designed for desserts, 7 gastronomy programs, 4 Gelato Mix programs, Mix pasteurization and Mix aging 
All of the programs maintain consistent and specific temperatures for each of the cycles to produce high quality standardized results every time. Programs can also be modified to the users’ needs and recipes. The large display shows all the suggestions for the progressive introduction of the ingredients.

Product Specification

Capacity:Hourly Capacity: 15 L per 2 hrs
W x D x H (mm):450 x 614 x 1110
Electric Power (kW):3 Ph / 2.10 kW
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