Pot & Utensil Dishwasher - Multipurpose Washing

Type : GFS 90 RCD

Product Information

Single tank machine with automatic wash and rinse cycle and double skin door.
The powerful wash arm water jets delivers a cross-jet action to eliminate even the toughest residues, and guarantee outstanding hygiene together with superior energy savings.
Execution with rinse booster pump and atmospheric boiler. 
RCD guarantees an optimal rinse even with low pressure water flow. Guarantees also constant rinse temperature
avoiding any mixture with the inlet water.
The electromechanical control panel is easy to use and placed above the machine. It allows to visualize when the machine is ready for use and possible malfunctions.

Technical characteristics:

- Front loading model
- Frame, tank and panels in stainless steel AISI 18/10
- Counterbalanced double skin door
- Adjustable feet.
- Deep drawn tank with self draining pump.
- Automatic tank fill.
- Door micro switch.
- Upper and lower rotating wash and rinse arms in stainless steel with deep drawn wash jets.
- Thermo-stop: guarantees the rinse cycle start only with 85°C booster temperature.
- Stainless steel tank filter and filter on the pump suction.
- Analogical thermometers for wash and rinse temperatures.
- Adjustable wash cycles.
- Adjustable rinse temperature, with additional safety thermostat.
- Non-return valve.
- Machine ready for detergent dispenser connection
Technical Data:
Washing Area: 510 x 610 x 500 mm
Rack Dimension: 500 x 500 mm
Vertical Clearance: 440 mm
Wash Temperature: 55 - 60 C
Rise Temperature: 80 - 85 C
Wash Cycles: 90 - 120 - 180 - 480 sec.
Tank Capacity: 42 L
Booster Capacity: 8.2 L
Water Consumption Per Cycle: 4 L
Theoretical Output with Cold Water Feed: Max 40 Racks/Hour
Inlet and drain hose
Rinse aid pump
1 Combination rack
1 Rack for trays
1 Cutlery holder

Product Specification

Capacity:40 Racks/Hour
W x D x H (mm):620 x 742 x 1495 mm
Electric Power (kW):10.50
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