Combination Batch Freezer & Pasteurizer Machine with Pastry & Chocolate Programs

Type : ReadyChef 14 20

Product Information

16 gelato programs, 8 different production options for artisanal gelato, 2 different production programs for Sicilian slush and cremolata, 6 programs for sauces and toppings.
- Gelato; this program uses more cold to increase the body of milk-based gelato
- Sorbet; this program uses less cold to produce fruit gelato and sorbets
- Gelato Hot; the mix is prepared directly in the batch freezer, where it is heated, pasteurized, and transformed into gelato
- Gelato Hot Age; the mix is produced, pasteurized, and aged, then it is transformed into gelato
- Gelato Hot&Cold: to heat and cool the mix and then turn it into gelato
- Gelato Crystal - Fruit Crystal; two programs to produce the special milk or fruit-based CRYSTAL* gelato. *Semi-dense gelato ideal for quickly creating desserts of any form thanks to its easily shaped consistency. When placed in the blast freezer, the CRYSTAL is transformed into an innovative gelato.
- Ice Cream; this program and the special beater** allow the production of the Ice Cream. **Optional, also available as a spare part.
- Sicilian Slush; the beater spins at low speed to produce perfect coffee, lemon, and fruit slushes without any emulsions, just like the traditional recipe
- Fruit Cremolata; uniformly crystallizes this delicious, fresh, thirst-quenching fruit cream
- Sauces and Toppings; with these programs users can make flavoring sauces for the white base and toppings for the gelato produced. Chocolate sauce, cream sauce, fruit sauce, chocolate topping, cream topping, fruit topping.
- Pastry Cream (Custard); to produce classic pastry cream, pasteurized. Great for cream puffs, cannoli, cakes, and to create other specialties like chantilly cream.
- Fruit Cream; an alternative to pastry cream, with all the freshness of fruit
- Panna Cotta; the traditional dessert, serve on its own or with sauces.
- Bavarian Cream; to produce a basic, neutral cream that can be personalized with cream and fruit flavors, and then mixed with whipped cream for cakes and treats.
- Tempered Dark, White, Milk Chocolate; three precise programs for tempering chocolate to make chocolates and all types of candy
- Tempered Chocolate Speed; to speed up tempering, optimizing production times
- Tempered Cocoa Butter; innovative program to crystallize cocoa butter, ideal for tempering chocolate, ganache, and chocolate candies
- Ganache Cream; to fill chocolates and desserts
- Spreadable Cream; to produce exquisite chocolate and hazelnut creams
- Melting Chocolate; a program for the temperature-controlled melting of chocolate, coatings, and anhydrous-based fillings
- Semifreddo Base; ideal for producing neutral bases for semifreddos to be flavored with poached fruit, liquor, chocolate, hazelnut, zabalone, orange paste, coffee, and so on
- Poached Fruit; the candied fruit sauce's freezing point drops, making it perfect for filling gelato cakes and semifreddos
- Yoghurt; with milk and milk probiotics, users can produce healthy and natural food
- Cooking; program for cooking and cooling, customizable according to the users' needs
- Inverted Sugar; program to autonomously produce the precious ingredient used to make pastry and chocolate
- Egg Pasteurization; program for the correct pasteurization of eggs, egg yolk, and egg whites that can then be used for cooking sweet and savory foods
- 32 complete gelato and pastry processes to make a wide variety of excellent specialties.
- Hard-O-Tronic; the exclusive system for an excellent gelato. The LCD screen constantly displays the values of the programmed consistency and that of the gelato in the batch freezer. By pressing on the arrows users can always change it to obtain the ideal gelato
- Post Cooling; to maintain the consistency of the gelato during extraction, the post cooling function injects cold into the gelato as it comes out of the cylinder
- POM Beater; the beater has no central shaft, its POM blades, impenetrable by the cold, facilitates the complete extraction of the gelato everytime; it has self-adjusting scraper blades to maintain the cylinder clean and efficient
Mix per cycle: 2 ~ 4 kg
Gelato per cycle: 3 ~ 5.5 Liter
Crystal per cycle: 2 ~ 4 kg
Slush per cycle: 2 ~ 4 kg
Topping per cycle: 2 ~ 4.5 kg
Cream per cycle: 1.5 ~ 4.5 kg
Tempered chocolate per cycle: 2 ~ 4.5 kg
Yoghurt per cycle: 1.5 ~ 4.5 kg per cycle

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):455 x 580 x 765
Electric Power (kW):3.00
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