Pizza Oven - Digital, Multi-Purpose

Type : PM 350 Series

Product Information

Multi Purpose CounterTop ovens

COMPACT, versatile and high efficient – stone hearth ovens


80 Different Sizes

Including Modular and CounterTop ovens

· High Power

· High Temperature

· Special Clay Hearthstone

· Unique Scandinavian Design

· “Extra” is Standard

· Smart Unique Options

· International Certificates


Standard features:

-        Dual halogen lighting in each deck

-        Hearth of natural material with crisping function

-        Stainless steel exterior (except the exterior bottom and backside)

-        Turbo start function

-        Indicators for thermostat, turbo-start, and service

-        See-through oven door with heat-reflecting glass

-        400 degree C as standard

-        Digital display

-        Timer with manual shut-off alarm

-        Auto-timer with alarm

-        Stackable (optional stacking kit is required)


Optional features:

-        Stacking kit (required when stacking ovens)

-        High temperature deck 500 degree C (per deck)

-        Steam system (per deck, cannot be used in combination with high temperature option, cannot be used with oven deck with 2 stones per deck)


Available Series: PM 350, PM 400, PM 450, PM 550, PM 350-DW, PM 400-DW, PM 450-DW

Product Specification

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