Electric Griddle 48” with Thermostatic Control

Type : EG-48i

Product Information


Increased Performance

• Unique heating system, incorporating special heating elements that transfer heat energy to griddle surface more efficiently than traditional models

• Fast start-up to cooking temperatures (reaches 350 degrees in 11 minutes)

• Provides fast recovery with heat levels reaching 450 degrees

 Safety Features

• Bull-nose front extension protects employees from burns

 Saves Time and Clean-up Labor Cost

• Maintenance is easier with bottom-mount grease collection pan


• Stainless steel construction

• 4” (10cm) adjustable legs

• 12” cooking section for zone control

• 1” flat polished steel griddle plate

• 3 3/16” spatula-width stainless steel front grease trough

• 4” x 1” (10.2 cm x 2.5 cm) grease chute

• 3” (stainless steel backsplash)

• 4 gallon grease collection drawer

• Sloped stainless steel side splash

• Easy-to-read control knobs

• Solid state temperature controls

Product Specification

Capacity:Cooking Surface 1213 x 495 mm
W x D x H (mm):1220 x 629 x 394
Electric Power (kW):18 kW
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