Speed Oven 15 times faster than conventional oven

Type : MRX51

Product Information

Microwave Pow. 1000 Watt

Impingement Pow. 3000 Watt

Included Accessories:
• Cook plate (CP10) • Compact oven paddle (PA10R) • Non-stick liners (TL10R)

• Convenience Stores • Satellite Locations • Healthcare • Hotel Room Service • Snack Bars • Delis • QSR • Coffee Shops • Bars/Pubs

Through-put potential (per hour)

Food Item


30cm frozen pizza


15cm toasted sandwiches


Grilled fresh salmon


0.45 kg fresh shrimp


Toasted bagel


Chicken wings





Location of Oven(s): • Kitchen countertop • Front-of-house countertop • Equipment stand • Oven stacking cart (available accessory)

Superior cooking results FAST! • Enhanced cavity airflow for perfect browning & crisping • 3000W impingement enhances toasting and browning. • Easily adjustable 0-100% fan speed. • 95º - 270ºC (200º - 520ºF) temperature range cooks a variety of items • 1000 or 2000W top antenna feed microwave system heats quickly, reduces cooking time.

Minimized footprint, maximized cavity design • Compact footprint fits on 71cm (28”) deep counter. • Flexibility to install with or without 10cm (4”) leg kit • Easily accommodates a 30cm (12”) pizza

Multi-language universal operation, with programming flexibility: • Touchscreen and programming software supports 25 languages • Image-based menu selection eliminates language and literary barriers • Connectivity Standard: WiFi, Ethernet, and Smart USB standard

Appropriate for front-of-house display • Sleek, contemporary styling • True-Touch™ HD Touchscreen. Fully customizable 178mm (7”) smartphone-like display • Catalytic converter built-in for ventless operation. • Quiet operation: fan speeds auto-adjust based on operation mode

Safe operation and simple cleaning • Inner door drops down below cooking surface for safe removal of food from cavity • Smooth door surface allows for direct application of approved cleaners • Non-stick oven liners preinstalled for easy cleaning • Clean magnetic air filters in one-step • Automatic Voltage Sensor adjusts to the power supply. (North America only) • Rapid cool down allows for expedited end-of-day cleaning.



Product Specification

Capacity:17.2 L
W x D x H (mm):358 x 743 x 578
Weight (kg):53
V: 230
Electric Power (kW):3.68
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