Waffle Machine - Ice cream cone

Type : GES 40

Product Information

The GES40 Waffle Iron is specifically for making cones, for ice cream for example.

The cast iron plate features a criss cross pattern ( 8mm x 8mm squares) across the whole plate surface. Using a specific batter mix spread thinly over the plate the "waffle" is then formed around the wooden cone mould (supplied) and allowed to harden as a delicious individual cone.

The elements are seated beneath both cooking plates giving rapid and even heat across the whole cooking area. The GES40 has a 4 sided drip tray making it suitable for use with fresh or frozen waffle dough and fresh batter mix.

Features: power on neon, surround drip tray, cast iron cooking plates, 300'c thermostat. Accessories: wooden rolling cone

Product Specification

Capacity:1 Cone
W x D x H (mm):305 x 440 x 230
Weight (kg):19
Electric Power (kW):1.5 kW
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