Built-in Pasta Cooker / Heated Well

Type : RCTHW-6B

Product Information

* Gastro pans not included
* Holds a variety of hot foods at safe temperatures
* Stainless steel for easy maintenance and reliable 
* Three temperature setpoints from 50°C to 100°C 
* Electronic controller to monitor the temperature 
* Insulated stainless steel design
* Comes with soup kettle adapter & two 7 litre pans with lids
* Comes with steamer plate adapter 
* Comes with standard pasta cooker adapter
* Available below kit for soup kettle, sauce warmer 
* Available belowl kit for steam warming and reheating 
* Anti-Drip design prevents water flowing outside the unit
* Temperature protection device
* Auto-fill feature automatically fills with water
* Designed for warming, steaming or boiling
* Automatically shuts off if the unit runs dry
* Drain for easy cleaning and maintenance
* Low power mode for energy efficiency

Product Specification

Capacity:1 x GN1/1
W x D x H (mm): 390 x 610 x 286
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