Built-in Soup Kettle / Round Heated Well

Type : RHW-1B

Product Information


* Application 8 litres for warming, 6 litres for boiling
* Temperature +50 to +100C
* Three temperature set points
* Shipped with remote control
* Includes one food holding pan and one pan lid.
* Additional pans and lids available below
* Warming, steaming and boiling.
* Low power for gentle warming or full power for fast heat-up
* Features dome element for even rapid heating.
* Energy saving mode saves electricity during off-peak hours
* Alarm warning of low water or high temperature.
* Heat is distributed evenly throughout the unit
* Insulated stainless steel


Product Specification

Capacity:10 Liter
W x D x H (mm):360 x 330 x 330
Electric Power (kW):1.30 kW
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