Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Type : K503

Product Information

Twin twist floor standing machine.

Perfect for customers looking for a high performance machine.

This machine guarantees versatility and flexibility with excellent production performances

Two motors and two compressors
Thanks to the two combined motors with the two compressors, which are both independent and have separated controls, they allow you to use only one side of the machine

Overrun and consistency control
Different consistency control settings for various mix types

Self-Pasteurization as the standard configuration - with our self-pasteurization system the machine can be cleaned and disassembled only 9 times a year.
Teorema Remote Control - it gives very important info about the machine, it facilitates the service system and helps the cleaning schedule
Self Closing Device - the dispensers close automatically stopping the flow of ice cream, eliminating any waste and preventing mess
Dry Filling - possibility of preparing the mix directly into the hopper by adding water and dry/powder mix
Independent Refrigeration System - allows to work with different products in the two cylinders
Stainless Steel Pressurized Gear Pump in Advanced Thermoplastic Polymer - the pump ensures the best ice cream texture, quality and high overrun, adjustable from 40% to 80%
Interactive Display - communicates with the operator delivering instructions and data regarding machine performance
Removable Pump Shaft - for easier cleaning procedures, maximum hygiene and reliability
Tank Agitators - prevent product stratification and helps to reduce foam by maintaining a fluid consistency
High Efficiency Beaters - stainless steel beaters with double spirals and idler for the Pump version
Fountain Pump and Covered Containers for Toppings - two fountain pumps for hot topping and two covered containers for cold toppings
Direct Expansion Cooling Cylinders - optimize refrigeration efficiency for fast freeze downtime, less waste of product ensuring higher quality and energy saving
Defrost System - possibility to heat the cylinders to simplify the cleaning procedure
Flavour: 2+1
Mix Delivery System: Pump
Cylinder Capacity: 1.75 L
Tank Capacity: 20+20 L
Hourly Production: 800 portions/hour, based on 75 gram portion size

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):723 x 1098 x 1520
Electric Power (kW):5,20 kW
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