Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Type : Tre B AV EVO

Product Information

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2. Product Information
Twin twist (2+1) floor-standing pump-fed machine to product soft ice cream and frozen yoghurt. 
Taste the Evolution: Produce Soft Serve Gelato, Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Custom shape Gelato. Thanks to the EVO technology, ti is possible to simultaneously mix products of different consistencies.
Performance and Quality:
Hard-O-Tronic Function - the electronic control system that allows you to change the consistency of the Soft Serve in a simple and fast way.
EVO Technology - guarantees versatility and flexibility with excellent production results
Direct expansion cylinder - optimize refrigeration efficiency for fast freeze downtime, less waste of product ensuring higher quality and energy saving
Tank Agitator - minimizes clumpings of mix in the tank/hopper
Adjustable dispensing speed
New high-performance electric gearmotors and condensers
More operational safety and more control during production
Easy cleaning, guaranteed hygiene
Flavour: 2+1
Mix Delivery System: Pump
Cylinder Capacity: 1.35 L
Tank Capacity: 10+10 L
Hourly Production: 480 portions/hour, based on 75 gram portion size

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):509 x 763 x 1562
Electric Power (kW):2,70 kW
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