Planetary Mixer 20 QT

Type : HL200

Product Information

No matter how big the job, Hobart’s full line of food preparation equipment enables you to deliver great results. From the first chop or mix to the last slice or whip, we will consistently support your creativity.

Meeting the demands of a busy kitchen is hard work. Our equipment helps make the job easier and does so with consistent performance and food output. Whether your menu calls for mixing dough or mashing potatoes, or requires you to slice cheese and the finest meats, we are proud to be your partner.

Hobart HL200 is a line of multi-purpose planetary mixers made in USA.


■ Heavy-Duty 1⁄2 H.P. Motor

■ Gear Transmission

■ Three Fixed Speeds Plus Stir Speed

■ Shift-on-the-Fly™ Controls

■ Patented soft start Agitation Technology

■ 15-Minute SmartTimer™

■ Automatic Time Recall

■ Large, Easy-To-Reach Controls

■ Single Point Bowl Installation

■ Ergonomic Swing-Out Bowl

■ #12 Taper Attachment Hub

■ Open Base

■ Stainless Steel Bowl Guard

■ Metallic Gray Hybrid Powder Coat Finish


12 H.P. Motor


■ Heavy-duty to meet the most demanding operations

Gear Transmission

Durability, Reliability

■ Ensures consistent performance and minimum downtime under heavy loads

Three Fixed Speeds plus Stir Speed

Flexibility, Reliability, Consistency

■ For incorporating, blending, mixing ingredients

■ Supports consistent results and thorough mixing

Shift-on-the-Fly™ Controls


■ Allows operator to change speeds while mixer is running

Patented soft start Agitation Technology


■ Each speed has a soft transition into a higher speed to reduce the chances of product splash-out

15-Minute SmartTimer™

Convenience, Ease of Use, Consistency

■ Supports recipe mixing times

■ Provides accurate results and eliminates overmixing

Automatic Time Recall

Productivity, Consistency

■ Remembers the last time set for each speed

■ Great for multiple batches

Ergonomic Swing-Out Bowl

Ease of Use, Convenience

■ Easy loading and unloading of products

■ Single Point Bowl Installation allows for simple mounting and removal of bowl

■ Bowl Interlock ensures mixer bowl is properly in place for mixer to operate

Stainless Steel Bowl Guard


■ Safety interlock prevents operation when front portion of guard is out of position

Hobart Accessories

Durability, Flexibility, Simplicity

■ Hobart Quick Release™ agitators allow for simple installation and removal from agitator shaft

■ Hobart accessories are designed for long-term usage under heavy-duty conditions

■ Large array of accessories provide multiple uses for recipe and product processing


Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):490 x 580 x 740
V:200-240 V
Electric Power (HP):1/2 HP /370 Watt
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