Cast-Iron Smooth Pans

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A chef demands two things of his cooking utensils: a surface that does not alter the flavor or digestibility of the food, and the ability to conduct heat uniformly & effectively without forming hot spots and causing food to stick and burn.

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon that is easy to mold, dense and extremely strong, naturally non-stick, and endowed with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent corrosion resistance. The molecular structure of cast iron enables it to accumulate far more heat (up to 400°C) than alternative materials, retain heat longer and release it more slowly and evenly to food without altering the flavor.  

Exceptional purity is the key virtue of Ghisanativa® cast iron, but its exclusive non-stick properties represent an essential added value. The non-stick surface is not achieved using complex or hazardous chemical compounds but by means of an exclusively physical treatment based on one of the healthiest and most typically Italian of foods: extra virgin olive oil.

Once extracted from the molds, cooled, hand finished, thoroughly cleaned and checked, the “raw” cast iron pieces are then heated again to 900°C in a static oven.

This intense heat causes an ultra-hard layer of magnetite to form spontaneously on the surface of the Ghisanativa® cast iron, effectively protecting it against corrosion. In the next step, a film of extra virgin olive oil is applied by hand to the surface of every article. Further heating to 400°C then polymerizes the olive oil in the magnetite to create a cooking surface that is black in colour, satin smooth to the touch, scratch-proof with most kitchen tools, extremely resistant to high temperatures and common detergents and, most importantly, with a natural non-stick finish that remains effective for years of normal use in the kitchen.

The Ghisanativa® range of cookware is made from extremely pure cast iron and represents a return to the roots for this glorious alloy that has reigned undisputed in the kitchen over the centuries.

AVAILABLE SMOOTH PAN SIZES240 mm,  280 mm,  320 mm,  360 mm, &  400 mm.


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Product Specification

Diameter:240 - 400
Height (mm):25
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