Cutter and Vegetable Slicer Machine

Type : R 502 V.V

Product Information

A best-selling combined bowl cutter and vegetable preparation machine.


R502 V.V. Food Processor: cutter & vegetable slicer equipped with a cutter attachment for chopping, fine mincing, emulsions, grinding and kneading, and a Vegetable preparation attachment for slicing, grating, ripple cut slicing, julienne, dicing and making French Fries.


Benefits & Features:

• Direct drive induction motor (no belt) for intensive use.
• Power 1300 Watts.
• Heavy duty metal motor base. Stainless steel motor shaft.
• Built in, on / off / pulse buttons.
• Magnetic safety and motor brake.
• Variable speed from 300 to 3500 rpm.
• Automatic adaptation of the speed according to the attachment: 300 to 1000 rpm in vegetable function - 300 to 3500 rpm in cutter function.
• R-Mix: variable speed in reverse rotation from 60 to 500 rpm to incorporate ingredients without cutting them.
• Pulse button for better cut precision.

• 5.5 liter stainless steel cutter bowl with handle, and high resistance smooth blade assembly.

• Metal Vegetable preparation attachment equipped with 2 hoppers: 1 large hopper (surface: 139cm²) and 1 cylindrical hopper (Ø : 58 mm). Removable bowl and lid.
• Reversible ejection disc for fragile vegetables.
• Side ejection for space saving and better user comfort to receive 150 mm high GN containers.
• Automatic restart of the machine by the pusher.
• Vertical pusher presses on vegetables for uniform cuts.

R-Mix function: reverse speed 60 – 500 rpm to gently mix the ingredients

Recommended set of vegetable preparation discs for R 502: Ref.2023 Asia Pack of 7 Discs

Product Specification

Capacity:30 to 300 meals per service.
Output (kg/hour):Up to 150 kg/h
RPM:Veg Prep: 300 to 1000 rpm Cutter: 300 to 3500 rpm
W x D x H (mm):350 x 350 x 665
Weight (kg):32
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