Ice Bin Storage 243 Kg

Type : NB 530

Product Information

An efficient way to keep your ice supply cool and available.

In a modular system, the ice maker is only half the package: you also need an ice storage bin. Scotsman offers the widest range on the market.

• Convenient & hygienic internal ice scoop holder
• Exterior panels in durable stainless steel
• Polyurethane Insulation
• High density, non-corroding Polyethylene bin liner, is designed with easy-to-clean rounded corners and resists scratches and scuffs from ice scoops
• Robust door frame will resist operational abuse
• Rounded door-lip profile allows an easy reach for enhanced ease of operation
• Fully removable door gasket seals door opening to reduce ice melt, easily disassembled for manual cleaning
• Internal ice deflector enhances ice distribution to maximize bin storage capacity
• Load resistant, stainless steel adjustable legs
• Storage bin base drain tube conveniently rotates at 360° radius to allow ease-of-connection with any floor water drain position


*Compatible Ice Machine Model: NW 458 AS, NW 608 AS, NW 1008 AS, MF 36 AS, MF 46 AS, MF 56 AS

Product Specification

Capacity:243 Kg
W x D x H (mm):770 x 873 x 1308
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