Powdered Beverage Dispenser, 3 Flavors - Portion

Type : PIC-33T

Product Information

PIC Hot Powdered Beverage Dispenser

Unit offers 3 Clear-View hoppers with 4 lbs. (2.3 kg) capacity and fast product level visibility. Direct PIC Powdered Beverage Dispenser drive hoppers – self-aligning pin-and-link hopper drive for durability and easy install. Large, bold, frontlit graphics draw more attention and sales. Visible dispense spout and cup guide on drip tray clearly indicate cup placement for easy self-service. Programmable digital control allows parameters set to get best beverages.

• Full stainless steel body build for endurance
• Large, bold, front-lit graphics attracts customer
• Digital display and control for water temperature
• Direct Drive Hoppers - Self-aligning pin and link hopper drive for durability and easy install
• Visible dispense spout and cup guide on drip tray clearly indicates cup placement for ease of self-service
• Generous cup clearance accommodates most cup sizes
• Stainless steel splash zone for Hygiene and Easy cleaning
• Fully sealed internal compartment
• Adjustable product flow rate
• Adjustable Hot water flow rate
• Optional Low level product indicator
• Optional water pump allows unit to operate in remote location from bottled water (ideal for catering)

Product Specification

Capacity:Hot tank 12 L, powder capacity 4 lbs
W x D x H (mm):305 x 603 x 696
Weight (kg):38
Electric Power (kW):2.50
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