Meat/Bone Saw 3100 mm Blade

Type : SO 3100 INOX

Product Information

Made of stainless steel AISI 304. Interlocked bone chip tray accessible from outside (not on mod. start). The door can be easily removed for smoother cleaning tasks (not on mod. start). Calibrated pulleys built out of polished aluminium. Airtight bearings on upper pulley. Powerful asynchronous and ventilated motors protected by sealing oil sump. 24V controls with safety micro-switch on door and tray, redundant ECU and motor brake (EC). Quick upper pulley releasing mechanism that makes it easier to clean and change the blade.

Easily removable and replaceable scrapers. Powerful 6 or 8 pole motors provide great power with little absorption (SO2400 and SO3100). Single-phase motors with heat guard (standard feature). Can be cleaned with a water spray (no high pressure). Controls in stainless steel class IP 67. The machines use tempered 16 mm blades to shred bone, frozen or fresh.

Product Specification

Blade (mm):3100
Motor Power:2.70 HP
Pulley (mm):400
Work Area (mm):795 x 810
W x D x H (mm):840 x 966 x 1900
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