Blast Chiller Freezer Roll-in Type GN 1/1

Type : BF201AP-1P

Product Information

PLUS SERIES Room type Blast Chiller Freezer

Unbeatable Adaptability
The walk-in blast chillers and freezers are designed to accommodate the trolleys normally used in central kitchens, airports, canteens ice cream, pastry and fresh dough making facilities, though they can also be tailored to the size of the trolleys or production cycle employed by the individual Customer. The UVC lamp can be installed to sterilize the chiller inside and anyutensils or containers.

Enabled by means of a specific button and automatically disabled when the door is opened, the pre-cooling system ensures static blast-chilling of food as soon as it is placed in the appliance.

Immediate compensation of some of the heat generated by food, vastly reducing the total time for static blast-freezing to lower surface temperature, thereby avoiding the risk of dehydrating and oxidising fats.

*All Room type blast chiller freezers are complete with remote condensing unit
*Pass-through door option is available
*Floor options: with floor or without floor
*Trolleys are supplied separately

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):1200 x 1150 x 2230
Electric Power (kW):8,53
Trolley Capacity:1 Trolley GN1/1
Yield Capacity:105 kg (Chill) / 70 kg (Freeze)
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