Blast Chiller Freezer 8 GN1/1

Type : BF081 AG

Product Information

GO SERIES Self-Contained Blast Chiller Freezers

Friulinox blast chiller freezers are designed to suit tropical environment thus the equipment will not suffer at locations higher ambient temperature. Blast chilling from temperature +90 to +3 oC under 90 minutes and blast freezing from temperature +90 to -18 oC under 240 minutes, with temperatures measured at the heart of the product, all within HaCCP international hygiene standard for food safety.

Product Specification

Tray Capacity:8 GN1/1
W x D x H (mm):790 x 800 x 1320
Electric Power (kW):2,00
Yield Capacity:25 kg (chill) / 16 kg (freeze)
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