Rotisserie 12 Spit (Stacked)

Type : SCR 12 Stacked

Product Information

The sight, smell and taste of rotisserie chicken can add significant impact and sales to your store. With such a powerful appeal to the senses, choosing your equipment is critical. But why choose Henny Penny rotisseries? You’ll get more of those delicious whole birds, ribs, pork roasts and other center-of-the plate items every day because the Henny Penny rotisserie simply cooks faster. THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process combines cross-flow convection cooking with radiant heat. The result is thorough, even cooking with uniform browning in a lot less time than other rotisseries.

Product Specification

Capacity:12 spits x 3 chickens
W x D x H (mm):819 x 673 x 1826
Electric Power (kW):2 x 6.80
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