Three Well Heated Merchandiser

Type : HMR 103

Product Information

Henny Penny HMR heated merchandisers are designed to provide operators with the ultimate in flexibility and performance for hot food display and service. the HMR series lets operators choose and combine full-serve and self-serve heated merchandisers in five different widths. Perfect for expanding menus or introducing a new hot-food program into the retail environment.
Full-serve version features THERMA-VEC®, the exclusive even heating process developed by Henny Penny to keep foods at precise temperatures for a more appetizing and attractive display. No more cold spots or fogged glass! THERMA-VEC®, even Heat Process eliminates hot/cold spots and fogging by gently circulating heat from lower elements evenly under pans, up through vents front and back, and over food. Sensors adjust temperature and air flow promptly to compensate for heat loss when serving.

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):1099 x 1167 x 796
V:220 - 240
Electric Power (kW):3.37
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