Compact Booster Heater 36 kW

Type : C-36

Product Information

The Hatco Compact Electric Booster Water Heater provides all the 180°F (82°C) final rinse water required to sanitize and flash-dry dishes and flatware.



The space saving Compact is easy to install next to the dishwasher with slide brackets or on 6" (152 mm) legs. The storage capacity is 6 gallons (23 liters).



The following features assure the finest performance for years to come:

• All models include a Castone® lined tank with a 10-year limited warranty.

• Features include a temperature/pressure relief valve, a pressure reducing valve, two temperature/pressure gauges, a high temperature limit control, pilot indicator light, on-off switch, and a low-water cut-off to prevent element burnout due to a low water condition.

• Available with slide brackets for mounting under a dishtable.

• Each booster has fiberglass insulation to minimize heat loss.

• Hatco electric booster heaters are factory pre-plumbed and pre-wired with calibrated immersion thermostat and high-temperature limit switch.

• A stainless steel front panel and powder coated silver-gray hammertone body is standard on all Compact models.

• Swing-away front panels with low-water cut-off, control fuses and transformer allow quick access to probes and elements for easier serviceability.

Product Specification

W x D x H (mm):457 x 743 x 458
Electric Power (kW):36,00 kW
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