Conveyor Bread Toaster

Type : TM3-10H

Product Information

High-end toasters with low-end price. Toast-Max Series TM3-10H is a new model that will replace TM-10H.


- "Color Guard" system assures toast uniformity

- Power-save mode with indicator light saves energy during off-peak period

- Bread and bun toast options

- 300-400 slices per hour toast capacity

- 2" and 3"opening height

- Built-in fan provides cool surface temperature

- Variety of Designer colors to match your decoration. Stainless steel as standard with Black or Warm Red  Designer colors as optional

Product Specification

Capacity:290-350 slices per hour
W x D x H (mm):368 x 464 x 411
Electric Power (kW):2.30 kW
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