Gas Rice Cooker 2 Decks

Type : LGS-100

Product Information

LGS Series Gas Rice Cookers

With LGS Series gas rice cookers, you can select double thermistor cooking or time set cooking according to the recipe you are using.
equipped with a countdown timer, soaking time can be reduced by using delayed timer setting.

- Polished Rice. Designed to cook delicious rice thanks to the product’s high usability.
- Mixed Rice. In time Control Model, mixed rice can be perfectly cooked by adjusting the cooking time.
- PC Controlled Cooking (PCCC). PCCC includes a rice cooking program that Hattori developed with its practical expertise and technology which always ensures high quality results.
- Timer Control. You can set the time that you want the rice to finish in any of preferred time using 24-hour self-timed cooking mode. If the timer is set the evening before, you do not need to start working early the next morning.
- Double thermistor Control. Improved cooking reliability due to double thermistor control creates perfectly cooked rice.
- Continuous Cooking. time Control Mode allows rice to be cooked continuously.
- Melody. three different short music or beep can be selected as a notification of completion of cooking.
- Highest Safe Design. Featuring a design adhering to the highest standard of safety, this model features a kill switch that cuts off gas supply when ignition fails or flame is extinguished during the course of cooking. Furthermore, it features a high limit sensor that extinguishes the flame when an abnormality in temperature is detected.
- High Durability. this model possesses a stainless steel body to prevent corrosion as well as waterproof control panel and user friendly digital display.

Product Specification

Capacity:Cook capacity 14 kg per batch
W x D x H (mm):725 x 731 x 1127
Weight (kg):100
Gas Power (BTU/hour):71.300
Gas Power (kW):20,90
Electric Power (kW):0,02
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